Introducing the Conversation Partners Program

Why hello there!

You may have noticed that I have not updated this blog in quite a while, although the tagline still reads, “Every Week.”  Truth is, a big project of mine is just about to come to fruition, so I have returned to WHOC to discuss it: the Conversation Partners Program.

What is the Conversation Partners Program?

Great question.

The Conversation Partners Program will provide Fairfield University students with intensive English Second Language (ESL) training without the stress of enrolling in a credited university course.  My idea for this program originally stemmed from my interview with an exchange student, an interaction that opened my eyes the burden of a language barrier.

This program will facilitate intercultural communication by connecting international students with native English speaking peers.  These domestic students will first receive TESOL training (teaching English to speakers of other languages), an education provided by an ESL instructor with 20 years of experience.

That pretty-looking flyer mentions a field trip to IKEA and New Haven, CT.  What is that all about?

A few things:

First off, IKEA tends to unite all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, political party, or other cornerstone traits; People just love IKEA.

In all seriousness, downtown New Haven has not only the beautiful architecture of Yale University, but features also some of America’s greatest pizza.  As “language cannot survive without culture,” we will eat some grub and keep alive our passion for learning.  Plus, because this trip will occur at the tail-end of the semester, we will assist our ESL students with their final coursework.

How effective do you think this will actually be?

Whether this program will ‘hit it off’ from day one or collapse into utter chaos, I seek to answer a deeper question: “Why?”

Does this mean that your work on this blog will resume?

I continue to receive this question.

My answer: yes and no.

I evidently prioritize this Conversation Partners project for its potential to empower students.  Meanwhile, the intellectual and intercultural pursuits for which I designed this blog to track, discuss, and record, have enveloped this whole thing.

‘Till next time!


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