2018 for Journalism & 2017 in Review

In less than 48 hours, the year of 2017 will end!

I spent this last year fulfilling most of the goals that I outlined in my past article, 2017: Upcoming 8 EXCITING Chinese Cultural Experiences!  Indeed, I have enjoyed a very rich set of experiences that all connect to Chinese culture and society.

Experience: In Tibet, Posing with Monks and a Tour Guide

An overview of my experiences in 2017

  • I received a TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language
  • I taught English in China to college kids
  • I spent two weeks traveling along China’s ancient silk road
  • I spent the fall 2017 semester studying abroad in China
  • I received funding to pilot Fairfield University’s Conversation Partners Program, which they formally adopted through the 2017-2018 school year
  • I spent the summer interviewing other American universities to learn more about their Conversation Partners Programs, and provided this data to Fairfield for the sake of improving their program
  • I worked on the marketing team for AIEP (Apex International Education Partners), a company that recruits Chinese international students and provides these students with home-stays in the U.S.

Endeavors in journalism

When I halted work on Wen Hua On Campus (WHOC), I knew that I had some real work to do.  Through 2017, I accumulated these experiences which have truly sharpened my understanding of China, the Chinese people, international education, and what China means to the U.S.  Now that I have put in some work, I believe that my work on WHOC ought to resume.

This year, I want to change the tone and focus of this blog.  Whereas before, I combined discovery and inquiry with an informal, somewhat playful voice to discuss Chinese international student life, I would like to create more serious, journalism-oriented content.

Let’s see what we can learn.


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