About This Project

My name is Jesse Sachs, an undergraduate student at Fairfield University in Connecticut (USA).  I maintain this blog in order to investigate Chinese life on American college campuses from many angels and perspectives.  I firmly believe that broadening public awareness of Chinese society and culture will promote healthier global relations.  The effort to raise awareness of China must begin at the local level: on campuses, in neighborhoods, and down the street.

A picture of me lecturing about American culture and dogs at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics

This work began in November 2016 and paused in April 2017 for my work on the Conversation Partners Program, my work at AIEP (a Chinese international student recruitment agency), and my time abroad in Beijing, China where I taught English.  These experiences helped deepen my understanding of China, and so this journalistic effort will resume for year 2018.

I invite all discussion and commentary: every article has a comments section, and you may also email me at jesse.sachs@student.fairfield.edu.

(Finally, Wen Hua or 文化 means “culture” in Mandarin Chinese!)



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